SunshinePhp 2015 Recap

On the first weekend of February, I attended the SunshinePhp conference in Miami, Florida. This was my second time attending the SunshinePhp conference and I look forward to attending again next year. There were a lot of great topics this year fro... Read More

Sass Explode Function

Lately I have been figuring out somethings to do in Sass that I will find challenging. I don't remember what I was doing but I gave myself the challenge to create an explode function in Sass. In Php, the explode function makes an array from a stri... Read More

Set up a virtual host in Vagrant

As you may already know, every site has a domain name which points to an IP address on a server. The domain name, i.e., is just an easier way to remember the site's address without having to remember the actual IP address, i.e. 67... Read More

Set up htaccess in Vagrant

You may come to a point when you are developing a site locally on your vagrant box and you can't get vagrant to read the htaccess. To resolve this, go to your terminal and ssh into vagrant.

Edit the '000-default.conf' file. The name of y... Read More


Cheers to the end of another year and the start of 2015. Now looking back, not just 2014 but over the last couple of years, I can say that I have done a lot. For instance, I have been to a bunch of conferences since 2012; couple of WordPress confe... Read More

Trello Challenge

Recently a friend of mine went to the Android Dev Conference in San Francisco. When he returned from the conference, he told me about an interesting challenge he did during one of the presentations, by Trello, he attended. The challenge was to cre... Read More

Installing Node on Vagrant

If you read my previous articles, you know I was into Guard for the longest. However, Guard on Vagrant has been extremely slow for me which caused me to look for a replacement. That replacement is Node.

Running task managers on Node can be q... Read More

Styling Ordered Lists

Styling list types in your ordered lists has always been a tricky task. No developer likes applying the tricks to styling list types but designers are coming out with ways to make their work stand out.

There are a few ways to style ordered... Read More

Using Sass Breakpoints for IE

Breakpoints are a wonderful way to write media queries in Sass! It has made coding so much easier. But I often wondered if can I use breakpoints for something other than media queries.

If you don't know what breakpoints are, breakpoints all... Read More

Guard Alias

If you read my Running Guard in Vagrant post and think the ssh and guard commands are too long to type or too hard to remember than you can create a shortcut for those commands.

I... Read More